The schedule for the school level monitoring of CE scores:
1. Publication of CE score at school : 02/02/2015
2. School level redressal of complaints & anomalies : 03/02/2015 to 06/02/2015

3. Publication of final list at school : 09/02/2015

4. Monitoring of CE by Monitoring teams : 11/02/2015 to 20/02/2015

5. Meeting of District Monitoring Committee : 23/02/2015
6. Submission of CE scores from schools to DHSE : 26/02/2015 to 27/02/2015
Detailed guidelines is furnished below.
1. There should be two teachers in a team.
2. A team should visit at least 2 schools on a day. ( This is not applicable for rare
3. A team should conduct monitoring at a total of 10 schools.
4. Each team should complete the monitoring activities within 5 working days in the
allotted for the purpose.
5. The subject conveners should ensure that only the required number of teachers in
a Subject is deployed for monitoring activities. The number of teachers deployed
for monitoring in a subject should be proportionate to the quantum of work.
6. In the case of rare subjects, since the number of teachers is very few and the schools
these subjects are sparsely distributed across the state, the teachers are
permitted to
conduct monitoring in more than one district , for which they are
eligible to claim TA as per
rules. They are permitted to finish the duty within
7. The Monitors shall keep a copy of the verified score sheet for avoiding malpractice
after monitoring.
8. Teachers should obtain duty certificates from the Principals of the host schools for
claiming remuneration. The original duty certificate should be submitted along with
the claim for
remuneration to the RDD . A self attested photo copy of the same
shall be furnished to the Principal of the parent school for sanctioning duty off. The
bills for remuneration should be countersigned by the Principal.
9. The above bills should be submitted to the RDD s on or before 20/03/2015.
10. The subject conveners should furnish a copy of the list of monitoring team members
to the RDDs concerned to enable them to distribute remuneration to the eligible

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