About TCWRITER SOFTWARE   ( Developed by Rajesh.K, GHSS Naduvannur) 
*** Updated with the facility to take Additional TC (download  patch file)
***can use for school transfer of XI students
TCWRITER is a free software which generate the TC and CC. It is a simple software and very easy to use. Data entry in this software required is less and can generate 100 students TC within one hour. This is a MS access based software so can use as that of 'HSE manager'.Many schools have already downloaded and taken their TC and CC printouts already wihtout any problems or doubts.

other features:

1. Very fast and can see the preview of both TC and CC
2. Can  edit the data at any time
3. Can use with multiple systems by linking
4. Only require minimum data entry

for installation download the zip file and unzip it in D drive. then open TCWRITER_FE in the folder TCWRITER2012

                                                                                                         Go for software download

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Excellent software